Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Service Learning Updates

Here a few quick March updates...

Garden Service Opportunities: Sign up on Steph's clipboard outside her office in the auditorium
Thursday, March 29th (during spring break) - 2:00 - 4:00
Tuesday, April 3rd - 3:15 - 4:30
Wednesday, April 11th - 3:15 - 4:30
Sunday, April 29th - GARDEN DAY - 9:00 - 1:00

If you already have all of your SES garden hours completed, you can count this work towards other service areas (school/community).

8th Grade Baby Photos!

If you want to submit a photo for the yearbook, send a photo to 

Make sure to include your full name in the email.

If you have any questions, ask Tara (


AWESOME extension opportunities related to our Human Rights + Refugee Unit
(most of which could count as a cultural exchange experience)

Community Service Opportunities:
Saturday, April 7th - Friends of Tryon Creek - Trillium Festival

OPB's "Think Out Loud
This week, many High School students in Portland came together to discuss the issue of Race in education in Portland. OPB's "Think Out Loud" coordinated with many of my former Students of Color. Sage Sol (my son attending Jeff) and I were there along with HS students and teachers, to talk about how RACE shows up in school. 

This broadcast is set to air on Tuesday, March 13th at noon. SES Student of Color groups plan to tune in at this time as part of our Affinity meeting. Core teachers are welcome to do so as well. 

Perhaps this can generate future discussions. 


4H Urban-Rural Exchange!!!!
We have a very special and unique opportunity for7th and 8th grade students – our 4-H Rural Exchange Program,  a national award-winning program that has been featured on OPB.

Registration for this very popular program is only available to 4-H members and students from your 4-H Partner Schools.  Register here

Flyer: You can download the Promotional flyer here with more information.

Overview: The program is a 6-day program where Portland 4-H youth travel to Eastern Oregon and are assigned to a rural 4-H youth family involved in ranching and/or farming.  Youth of the same gender are placed in groups of two to a host family.

Website: Here is a link to our website with more information.

Program Video: Here is a link to the OPB special that has aired several times on TV and highlights this program.

Chaperons Needed:  An important need for this program is chaperons.  We are also recruiting parent and/or teacher chaperons.  There is no cost of chaperons and the primary role of the chaperons is to drive the OSU Extension vans to the rural community and then be available to assist with any issues that might arise.  Chaperons also stay with a host family (separate from youth) and participate in the rural Oregon experience.  Past chaperons have reported that this experience was a life changing event for not only their students/child but also themselves.  We are hoping to recruit a minimum of 2 chaperons from each school.

Cost and Scholarships:  The cost for the 6-day exchange program for youth is $229.00.  However, we do have scholarships available!

4-H Urban Exchange Host Families: We are also recruiting urban host families who are willing to host two 4-H rural youth in their home March 14-18th.  Information about this program is also on our website and interested families can apply here.  All host families must complete a 4-H screening process which includes a criminal background check.