Monday, February 11, 2019

Mon Feb 11 - Fri Feb 15

Monday Feb 11
Late work - Thingamabob Reflection - Turn in no later than tomorrow, Tuesday. Will not count if you don't. If you are absent you can turn it in when you come back to school.
BRING $$ for Valograms if you want to surprise a friend! you and a couple friends can pitch in for another friend too!! have fun :)

1. Green New Deal - Show your family the media bias page and talk about what news sources they watch and why. Look up a few of the media websites articles/videos on the Green New Deal and discuss their perspective. Which media did you find most aligns with your perspective. Which one is really different and why?
   -Write your ideas on a lined piece of paper and put it in your YELLOW ENERGY FOLDER - ready for discussion tomorrow.

Tuesday Feb 12
1. Energy Final - Youth Message to Congress on Climate Change Action - Assignment Link - it is also in the Google Classroom, you will turn in your graphic organizers to the classroom.

Wednesday Feb 13

Thursday Feb 14

Valentines Day!! Spread the love and friendship for one another!

Field Study - Afternoon trip to Reed Cooley Gallery - Building discussion skills thru talking about art

Friday Feb 15
NO SCHOOL - SES day off!!!

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